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Olly is an enthusiastic, creative and dedicated web developer with a positive problem-solving attitude.

He is capable of adapting to new development languages and techniques and is fully competent with front- and back-end web development techniques, responsive design, Object Oriented programming, MVC concepts and the use and extension of frameworks and CMS systems.

Having worked in both a single-client and an agency environment, Olly has worked with projects of all sizes, as part of a multi-discipline team, independently under supervision and through the full development life-cycle from scoping to delivery.

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PHP is a powerful programing language with a relatively gentle learning curve.  This is both a strength and weakness as it allows programmers to write code that works, but may be inefficient and inextensible.

Olly has an excellent knowledge of PHP and takes an object-oriented approach to projects to create clean, effective and easily understandable code built with modularity and extensibility in mind.

Frameworks are an essential part of modern web development, providing a tried and tested base upon which bespoke applications and websites can be built.

Olly has used a number of PHP frameworks to create websites and applications.  Although his 'go to' solution is Silex, due to it's light-weight and extensible nature, he also has experience in using Codeigniter and Symfony2.

With more and more users using devices such as mobiles and tablets to access the internet is becoming increasingly important to design websites that are attractive, intuitive and usable on any screen size.

Olly uses CSS3 and frameworks such as Bootstrap to ensure that websites can scale smoothly from the smallest of phones to the largest of monitors.

How do you tell whether your website is a success?  What constitutes and good return on your investment?

What may be an astounding success in terms of visitors for one website might be a catastrophic failure for another - analytics is not a one-size-fits-all deal.

Olly has experience both of setting up and interpreting off-the-shelf analytics software such as Google Analytics and of building bespoke analytics platforms based on Piwik to suit clients with specific needs.

While some clients need a fully-bespoke solution custom-built to fit their needs, many simply need a platform to showcase their company or product, or to get their content onto the internet.  Content Management Systems allow sites to be tailored to specific client needs while relying on a tried and tested back-end system which the client can adminster and update themselves with ease.

Olly has experience with CMS's including Drupal, Wordpress, Magento and Piwigo.

As users begin to consume the web with more advanced, powerful devices the use of front-end technologies has allowed developers to enhance both user experience and page loading times.

Olly has an excellent knowledge of pure Javascript, as well as experience number of popular frameworks including jQuery, Angular.

Good, clear and compliant code is essential in a modern website as in addition to human users it will likely be read by a myriad of computers such as search engines and screen-readers.  Not only does this improve a sites SEO by making it easier for Google to understand and index, it also aids accessibility, ensuring that users with disabilities can get the best out of your website.

Olly uses HTML5 and semantic markup which complies with W3C specs we can indicate to such machines how different areas of information on the page relate to one another.

No matter how good a website or application is, without a stable, secure server it will not get far!  Whether it's a box to run Apache or Nginx on, a dedicated mySQL or couchDB machine, or something more, Olly has the skills to set it up from scratch, optimise it for its given task and ensure it is up-to-date with the latest software.